Case study

Peace Education Platform

Peace Education Platform

001. brief

The aim was to create an educational platform for those who wants to dig into European Union funded social projects.

002. solution

Our team created a complete digital experience for web and mobile browsers, allowing educational videos to be watched.

003. outcome

The website met the expectations of our client, making the platform ready to be filled by their content. 




Flutter, Firebase




A few weeks ago there wasn’t any webpage or application for Peace Education, now after few weeks we are happy to present a user friendly web and mobile application which is perfectly meets with the client’s expectations. 

During our way to create a product form scratch, we were always in contact with the client to discuss their requirements about the platform and to answer every single question that they have. With this high level communication we could create a detailed brief, which allowed for our team to start working on the platform. 

As a first step we created a UX/UI design, then we presented it to the client, because in this way they could see how is the platform going to look like and how is it going to work. 

Then our professional developer team started to work on the platform, based on the brief and the UX/UI design. The whole product was ready in a few weeks. We’re really proud of it because usually to develop a platform like PPE needs a few months, maybe a whole year, but as this study shows, with a good, experienced team nothing is impossible.




We use Flutter, a cutting edge technology which allows us to create beautiful UI in short amount of time. This result in higher iteration rate and more time frequent consultation with the client, creating a wonderful product together.


We rely on cloud based servers by Google, which guarantees 99.9% precent uptime, so your users will always have access to your site without facing any problems.


Meanwhile the application is launched and waiting for the enthusiastic people to discover the world of European Union funded projects. 

We were happy to be a part of this project. To be better, like after every job, in this case we also summarised our experience and discussed how can we be more effective in the future.

Now with our satisfied client, we are planning how to upgrade the platform to a newer level.