Hello there,

If you are reading this that means that somehow you got to our page, first of all we just want to say a very warm Hello to you!:)

CodeMeOut is built by a bunch of skilled and determined IT, design and business minds, who are always eager to meet similar-minded folks. Our doors and community are always open to you if you share the same values and if “challenge” is just something that you eat for breakfast.

Open positions

Frontend Developer

mid/senior   –    Full time

Backend Developer

mid/senior   –    Full time

Mobile Developer

mid/senior   –    Full time

UX/UI Designer

mid/senior   –    Full time

But wait there is more!

Programming and design are not all that we are doing! We are also there for the community and love building it.

Check out our own hackathons, which we just simply call as: HackMeOut – and yes, you can absolutely participate, even if you are not a CodeMeOut team member. Just check out the soonest and nearest to you!:)

That is also a perfect way to get to know us better – if you can keep up with coding all night long.


Then skip the formal talk and let’s get in touch with us! Drop us a message on one of our social media page, or just write a few sentence to us. Hope to hear from you soon!