We are group of developers and designers who are eager to solve your challanges.

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CodeMeOut might just be the perfect place for you if you look for challenging projects within an international and supportive team! Check out our current openings or if interested just drop us a message at code@meout.org

Our services

Customised back office solutions

Back office system – If you need digitalisation in your everyday processes to make it smoother, more transparent and easier to monitor.

Customised CMS solutions

Content Management System – If you need a platform for all your data in a well designed, structurised way, so you’ll have everything in your hands when you need it.

Mobile applications

We provide mobile application developement for iOS and Android and also UX/UI design for apps and WordPress sites.

PEP - Peace Education Platform

Development of a content based edutech web app. 

Technologies used: 



What gives our edge

One is definitely our agile attitude and workflow. There are out of box solutions, everything is customized. You don’t have to adapt your business model to one of our new IT solution, but we design it based on your needs. Through our process (which you can see down below) we will get to know your business and its needs so we can come up with the best possible solution as an anwser.

Our process

Special events

Besides creating new digital products, CodeMeOut Team actively participate in developing the IT and design ecosystems. We are bringing opportunities and good practices to other regions. And this time it’s Georgia. Check our newest event – HackMeOut Tbilisi. On 23-26 of June, open-mineded, skilled and motivated changemakers will come up with the next fintech solution that helps people intelligently save, invest, budget or spend money. Out team of professionals is bringing the framework of the hackathon, assisting through the prototyping phase and helping with its members’ expertise.

Who we are?

CodeMeOut is part of MeOut Group, which is a leading organization that focuses on innovation and education headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

Our goal is to create a more accessible present and future to develop the world by investing time, energy, and intellect.

HackMeOut is the very own self branded 24 hours hackathon by MeOut Group. The perfect event for gathering the greatest minds in IT and design together, having fun and coming up with prototypes.
Check out our latest and upcoming events here.

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We are always open. Drop us a mail at  or contact us on social media and tell us about your business!